Neat-Oh! Thursday: Creative food packaging

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June 3, 2010

Clever Food Packaging 'Stereotype' by Daizi Zheng

Stereotype by Daizi Zheng

UK Based designer Daizi Zheng did this project on food packaging to bring awareness to eating habits and how they are affected by slick marketing and design.

Her question: “Can design encourage people to rethink their relationship with healthy food to gain a balanced diet?”

Sometimes I wonder if I want that Kit Kat Crunch bar because of the taste, or because of the oh-so-inticing  crinkly red foil wrapper calling to me in the impulse purchase section by the cash register.  The taste usually doesn’t measure up to the marketing.  Would I reach for a pear instead if it was as conveniently located and wrapped in cellophane?  This reminds me of Michael Pollan’s In Defence of Food admonishon to avoid any foods with health claims on the packaging because the healthiest foods, natural goodies like carrots and blueberries, don’t come with packaging.

I love when design makes you go hmmm.

Source: Daizi Zheng

Found in a roundabout-way via Penguin Blog

And here I thought a lego kitchen island was a silly idea.

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May 27, 2010
Lego House

Lego House

James May (the guys from car show Top Gear), apparantly a way bigger Lego afficionado than my husband, used 816 million pieces of Lego to build this house in the countryside.  Sadly, it was demolished just weeks after construction.  The upside is that all 816 million Lego pieces have been donated to charity.

More on the project here.

Found via Penguin Creative.

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