An ode to my husband, and marriage in general.

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April 29, 2010
Toronot Island Excursion

Sorry to embaress you honey... Taken with: Canon Digital Rebel

Last night Scott asked if I was going to write about him again soon in my blog.  How cute is that?

You see, we are still in the newlywed phase of our marriage where we both get a thrill out of calling each other (and being called) ‘husband’, and ‘wife’.  (If you’re married, I’m sure you remember this feeling.)  I think he likes it when I refer to him as my husband on here, and he also likes being portrayed as such a swell guy.

And he is a swell guy, for many reasons, a notable one being that he makes this writing thing possible for me. He has the steady job which supports us, and I have a fledgling writing career which, at the moment, makes negative income (but hey, it has potential).  I couldn’t do any of this if it weren’t for him and his faith in me.

But, this isn’t the point of my story.  I won’t bore you with how very much in love we are (yep, gag).  We’re bad enough PDA’ers as it is in real life (and I quote Scott’s Mom to his Dad: “John, they’re at it again!”).  Taking the public display of affection into the very public blogosphere would be a little excessive, don’t you think?

Anyway, last night we watched Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (I have the amazing soundtrack on repeat this morning.)  Afterward, we lay in bed and rhymed off lines from the movie with our best imitations of a southern drawl.

Him: “Damn, we’re in a tight spot!”

Me: “Well, I don’t want Fop, goddamn it! I’m a Dapper Dan man!”

<giggle giggle>

Him: “They loved him up an’ turned him into a horny-toad!”

Me: “Oh George, not the livestock”

<giggle giggle giggle>

This went on for about twenty minutes or so, though I can’t say for sure because we fell asleep while still talking and laughing.

And that part, the ‘falling asleep talking’ part, is the point of my story.  Please, oh please dear, let’s make this honeymoon phase last forever…

**And now for a clip from my favorite scene in the movie…

“I’ve spoken my piece and counted to three.”
~ Penny Wharvey McGill from Oh Brother, Where art thou

Can’t seem to get enough of…

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April 10, 2010

Turning of a Day mp3 by Arcanadh

Turning of a Day by Arcanadh

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