Link-Love Friday: More Eco-links

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May 28, 2010

One of my favorite commercials ever for Discovery Channel by design agency 72andSunny

I love the whole world.  Thankfully, so do these people:

  • Planet Green: Not only did Discovery Channel create that awesome commercial about loving the whole world, they also have a great site about preserving it.  Planet Green is a little ‘corporate sponsor-ish’ but it has tonnes of really good tips and information about living responsibly green.
  • SetPower: A free downloadable application that allows you to set up an enhanced power management schedule for your computer based on how you use it in everyday life.  Windows has power management settings, but SetPower gives you more control and flexibility, which means you are more likely to use it…which means you are more likely to save around $10 per month in energy costs.  Source: Jeff.  Thanks Jeff!
  • Easily Upgrade to a Dual Flush Toilet for only $20 (or so) with instructions courtesy of the cuties at Young House Love.
  • Green Depot: I will be doing a full post on this soon to list some of the products that I would like to buy if only they shipped to Canada, but they don’t yet, booo.  So this link is for my U.S based friends.  An online super-store of really, actually, not just ‘green-washing’ eco-friendly products for the home.  All at decent prices, and all with full disclosure on how they are made and what they are made of.  Awesome!    Source: Young House Love.
  • The Tesla Motors Model S is our five year dream car (ok, maybe 10).  Completely electric, you could conceivable charge it with Wind or Solar power.   The roadster is already out, the Model S sedan will be out in 2012.  Sweet!  Source: My husband.

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