Home tour Part 1: the Living Dining Area

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June 22, 2010

As I mentioned yesterday, we cleaned up our place to stage it for selling. Now it looks pretty enough to be in a magazine (yes, I’m biased.) Feel free to take a peak and get an idea of how we thrive with small space living (with a storage unit of course).

Living/Dining area

Our living dining area is one of my favorite parts of the house.  It may look small, but we’ve had parties with around 35 people in this place (yes, it’s cozy).  The bookshelves are Ikea’s Liatorp system, and for small space living they have been the best $2500 we’ve ever spent.

Condo staging, IKEA Liatorp bookshelves, Living/dining area, bookshelves

This is our dining area.  You can see that we’ve added a small bar into our Liatorp bookshelves for mixing drinks.

Dining area, Tablecloth, Liatorp bookshelves, bar area, picture wall, picture arrangements

As for the picture wall, sometimes I just sit and stare at it, I love it so.  There are so many fond memories in family pictures and a picture wall is one of the best ways to showcase them.  I searched and searched online for ideas on making a ‘picture cloud’ style arrangement and found very little.  Maybe I’ll post a tutorial of my own one day.

Photo wall, photo arrangement, arranging pictures

This is just a view of the living area from another angle.  If you look closely on the left, you’ll notice the office area that we carved out of the bookcase for me.  And, no home should be without a handmade afghan from a Gramma.  This one was made for me by my Grandma Stewart.

Living room, afghan, bookshelves, staging

Continuing our tour to the left, this is the space that leads to the bedroom.  My mother made the mirror for Scott and I as a wedding gift.  It’s actually a window taken from the cottage that’s been in our family for ages.  She refinished it herself, she’s a handy woman.

Living dining area, condo staging

And so ends the tour of our living dining area.  Thanks for stopping by!  Come on back tomorrow for part 2, the rest of the condo.

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