Clutter Begone: What we learned from staging our condo

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June 21, 2010


In the past week, my husband and I have spent a considerable amount of time cleaning and decluttering our condo to get it ready for sale.  After we cleaned every inch of the place and we cleared away items for donation and storage, then we staged it.

We love our home, it’s cozy and well…homey, and it’s close to everything.  But for a long while now we’ve both subconciousely felt like we were drowning in our own stuff.  We live in a 645 sq. foot condo, and when you live somewhere this small, living space becomes storage space.  It’s just not pretty when, no matter how much you try to keep on top of things, the clutter just keeps creeping up on you.

Clutter creates so much stress…stress that we can’t even identify until we clear it away.  Once our space is clean, we can take a deep breath and feel the weight lift miraculousley from our shoulders.

I used to be fundamentally against storage units.  I figured, if you have so much stuff that you can’t even fit it in your house, then you have a problem…you have too much stuff!  You need to simplifiy!  But I was wrong, at least for the people living in teeny tiny condos in downtown Toronto (or anywhere, but I’m sticking with what I know.)  So, I won’t say that Scott and I have too much stuff and that we need to change our lifestyle to become drastic minimalists.  That just wouldn’t be true.  Neither of us have a lot of possessions, but in such a small space with so little storage, even the small amount we have that we use all the time can crowd us in.  Add to this our off-season clothing, holiday decorations, luggage, craft supplies, photo albums and books that we rarely look at but couldn’t part with, and of course Rockband, and we get feeling like we should be on the TV show Horders.

So, for the staging, we sent boxes and boxes of our non-daily-use items to temporary storage, and we both literally breathed a sigh of relief to see our ‘Secret Stress’ walk out the door.  Then the house purchase fell through, and the need to sell was pushed to an undetermined future date.  So, we made the decision to find a way to store our belongings permanently for the 4-6 months until we move into a bigger home.  The result is that we can more peacefully enjoy our living space, and that makes both of us happy.

And now I feel confident to show off a few pictures of our home before we a) clutter it up again, or b) move (hopefully the latter).  So, tomorrow I will be giving you a little tour of  our condo, which I very much hope you enjoy!


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