LinkLove Fridays: Getting ready for the summer suit season

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March 12, 2010

Ok, so I know that this blog is about the craft of writing and getting published, and ‘losing weight for summer’ articles belong on the rack beside the grocery store checkout.  But!

I have some amazing…amazingly free…resources on healthy weight loss and lifestyle that I had to share with you.

Such as:

  • SparkService: A completely free site providing meal plans, calorie tracker, fitness programs, and a support forum for weight loss.  Here’s the kicker, it’s owned and operated by a couple of former E-bay employees who made a lot of money, then decided to use that money to start a site that helps millions of people lead a healthier lifestyle. Wow!  *side note: you will need to sign up for this free service and birth date is a required field.  For identity theft reasons, I’m never a fan of giving my complete birth date online, so I might recommend faking this value.
  • whfoods: Again, it is a free site set up to help people lead healthier lives, except it is completely dedicated to food (mmmmm…).  It goes further in depth about healthful food choices than SparkService does, so is an excellent reference while you are following a SparkService program.  The major bonus here: an in-depth profile of 130 of the healthiest foods, complete with nutritional information and cooking guidelines, as well as a listing of common ailments and recommended diet for prevention.
  • and Tara Stiles of Happy Fitness offers calming and streeetchy yoga routines.

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